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FERMAX is a family business of Spanish origin with Headquarters in Valencia, Spain. 

Founded by Mr Fernando Maestre in 1949, our company specializes in designing, manufacturing and commercializing Audio/Video Door Entry and Access Control Systems. At the present, Fermax enjoys a prominent position among the leading brands worldwide.

It has developed on the basis of the ethics that have made it a success so far: the value of the family business and the value of specialization. Faced with the diversification of businesses, FERMAX is committed to a unique business model.


Board of Directors - FERMAX


Our clients are the main installer companies in the electrical and electronics sector and companies specialising in residential communications and security; professionals with whom we establish lasting bonds based on good purchasing conditions, one to one technical assistance service and an exceptional product, which we design in anticipation of their needs.

The Company is currently represented with own subsidiaries and offices in the UK, France, China, India, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Poland, Colombia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Slovak Republic, and 1 production centre in Valencia.
We also have distributors in another 65 countries.
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